Werner Tian Fischer

'the jazzy guitarist with a predilection for catchy tunes'

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The Catalogue

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Werner Tian Fischer's back catalogue spans over almost four decades and comprises of roughly forty Albums, EPs and Singles, among them the recordings of the GLARONA BIG BAND (Liverpool Records, 1986), the pop-folk group STARFISH (SoundService, 1990s), Sam Trümpy's JAZZ COALITION (2000), the duos ALL STANDARD GUITARS (Altrisuoni Records, 2009) and FISHBERGER'S FANCY (PBR Jazz, 2019), the transatlantic octet SAM TRUEMPY MEMORIAL (Altrisuoni Records, 2009) and most importantly, his jazz unit TRAVELOGUE that yielded the albums 'EASTBOUND' (2003), 'CHINESE SOUL' (Altrisuoni Records, 2010), 'THE LIGHT IS ON' (PBR Jazz, 2016) and 'FORECLOSURE' (2018).

Over the years, he has recorded with singers Zhang Ling (CN), Sophie Dunér (SWE), Janet Dawkins (GB), Coco Rouzier (USA), Mya Audrey (D), Rahel Hadorn, Miriam Duncombe, Estella Benedetti, Gabi Fischer & Dave Beglinger, violinist Sarina Suno (JAP), saxophonists Heinz-Dieter Sauerborn (D), Jürg Wickihalder, Domenic Landolf, Rodrigo Botter Maio, Jonas Knecht, Ruedi Wettstein, Heiri Baumgartner & Sam Trümpy, trumpeters Adam White (USA), Daniel Schenker, Werner Hasler & Werner Neumann, guitarists Wang Dong (CN), Eric Yu (CN), Michael Giger & Tom Etter, pianists Hiroyuki Takubo (JAP), Félix Stüssi (CAN), Mya Audrey (D), Roberto Domeniconi, Ralf Peter, Thom Grüninger & Udo Fink, bassists Zhang Ling (CN), Fredi Meli (USA), Colin Standring (GB), Nesin Howhannesijan (D), German Klaiber (D), Hans Ermel, Christian Pauli, Fridolin Berger, Beat Ramseier & Fredi Bucher, drummers Huang Haitao (CN), Adolfo Herrera (USA), Eamonn O'Malley (GB), Dieter Schumacher (D), Gabriel Schiltknecht, Lukas Landis, Rafi Woll, Elmar Frey, Pat Bürli & Fredy Bühler...